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Spearmint Toothpaste

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Customer Reviews

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Donna Muggli
Love it!!

I've been using this toothpaste for 13 years and I can say it's the best! Every time I go to the dentist they say how nice my teeth are. I've had them even ask if I just had my teeth cleaned and I say no it's been a year. I'll never change!!! Ever!!!


I used this toothepaste for about 3 months. When I ran out, I just grabbed some regular toothepaste from the grocery and immediately missed the uncle Harry's. I recently bought a jar of this again and it is so so much better than regular toothepaste. The paste is smooth and leaves a strong minty flavor in your mouth. I genuinely think my teethe are cleaner with this toothepaste.

Grace Rosa

Love this stuff! Switched from a normal toothpaste to this to opt for a lower waste option. Would absolutely LOVE IT if they changed the lid from plastic to aluminum to make it zero waste. The actual product is great, my teeth feel super clean. Did take some getting used to the first few times but now I'm hooked!!


I bought this product last Sunday and started brushing with it immediately, twice a day. Today, Friday, I had a dental checkup and my cleaning was faster and easier than any before -- that awful tooth-scraping part of the cleaning was mercifully short. My teeth are already looking whiter too! I can't wait to see the improvements that will come with prolonged use.

Uncle Harrys customer

I will never use another toothpaste! It is the best all natural tooth care I have encountered.