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Peppermint Toothpaste

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Customer Reviews

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Janila Lynn
Saved my teeth

I read mixed reviews about bentonite clay online, but in desperation, I tried this toothpaste. Used this and Anise for over 9 years and haven't had a single cavity or tooth sensitivity. My teeth are naturally yellow and without whitening paste have appeared to have gotten yellower over time, but for having healthy teeth and gums, I felt the tradeoff was worth it.


Great value for the entire family when avoiding fluoride and needing mineralization of the teeth. Strengthens and detox the mouth.

Khoo Pek Ling

The product is good.
If possible, can add on some probiotic for double protection effect in your toothpaste formulation .

I’m back again

You’ve probably seen me in the reviews before, and I’m back again.

I ran out of their mouthwash 5 days ago and I was worried I would notice a difference. I noticed a difference but small. The reason the difference wasn’t that big is because I’m still using their toothpaste. Along with flossing and scraping of course.

I’ve never had issues with bad breath or oral hygiene, but their toothpaste and mouthwash has taken my oral care to the next level. This toothpaste is so effective that even without the mouthwash my mouth feels clean and tastes/smells clean.


About 10 years ago I developed a sever allergy to all commercial oral hygiene products. It has been a miserable process of dealing with other products that say they are all natural, or vegan. Not only am I allergic to the chemicals but the artificial sweeteners too (they are in everything). I had given up looking and started only using water (baking soda was getting to be to rough) because my teeth were getting very sensitive.
Just a few weeks ago a friend gave me a catalog for a hardware store as a goof, and there is where I first saw your product. After reading the description, I was like "No, I've been down this road before, and we're too close to the holidays for me to end up in the hospital again." It was in my mind for days, and then I went to your site.
OMG!!!!! I can't thank you enough. Finally there is something I can use! My teeth are clean, the taste is wonderful, and best of all I am happy. Thank you again.
Because of the toothpaste incident I've developed other weird allergies to other hygiene products. I will be purchasing the whole line.
Your products are amazing.