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Remineralization Liquid for Tooth Enamel (1 fl oz)

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Love it!!


1 star because it is not offered in a form I can use. I am sure it is a good product because I find the powder form is. However, I WANT to buy this but most essential oil irritate my mouth. So I must buy the powder. If I could by this without "flavorings" or essential oils it would be very helpful to me as I could use it wherever I go and get more all day coverage. Please make it for highly sensitive mouths.


This formula is truly as powerful as everyone says and I'm so grateful to have it however I noticed another customer review noting the same issue in that every time i buy this the rubber cap/dropper immediately breaks up and falls apart from the corrosion so I put it into another bottle. I had to take one star off out of principle on that otherwisse this is a 7 star product thank you ! so it would be cool if uncle H switched this to a bottle without that problem maybe like the other guy said silicon.


I ordered 3 of these a few weeks ago and one I currently have in use has began to deteriorate the plastic dropper head, causing small fragments of the rubber to be found in the liquid. This has also caused the dropper head to fall of, almost resulting in the spilling on the entire bottle. Essential oils, like the peppermint and eucalyptus found in this tincture are known for deteriorating hydrocarbon based plastics and rubbers, but I'm sure you guys know that, just wondering if it's a fluke with the one bottle or if you guys don't use silicon dropper heads to prevent this from happening.

Donna Darnley

I was a Dental Hygienist several years ago when all we learned was fluoride, fluoride, fluoride.
If you go to a dentist who isn't up to date on natural cures to heal and prevent disease using natural remedies, find one that does.
All of Uncle Harry's products can improve your oral problems without causing harmful side effects.
I do have one question. If used are suggested, how long before the re mineralization process becomes protective?