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Peppermint Remineralization Powder (1 oz)

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Customer Reviews

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Mike C

I like this product. I was having some teeth issues, My teeth are sensitive to a lot of chemicals, so it's hard to find a toothpaste that works. I use this as an occasional toothpaste. It works well and tastes fresh.


I started using this about six weeks ago and see a big difference in the health of my teeth. I use it in combination with the Tooth Whitener and the two work really well together. My teeth were looking stained and thin before, they are now whiter and more even. THANK YOU!


My 2 kids rinse with this almost daily and are happy to do so, they can even last the 5 minutes satisfied overall :)


this is a gritty powder which sometimes never dissolves completely with your saliva, often bits float around afterwards and i end up spitting a few times after the 5 minutes, will have to switch to the liquid instead. cannot comment on its effectiveness since i only used it for week or so.


I have sensitive teeth and a lot of enamel wear from being a life-long teeth grinder and sufferer of acid reflux. Whenever I went to the dentist for a cleaning, the side of my tooth would zing with pain when they ran their tools along the weak spot. Since using this product, I've had 3 great checkups and my sensitivity has lessened dramatically! This product has also been great at keeping acid at bay, maintaining a comfortable and healthy pH!