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Mild Mint Toothpaste

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Customer Reviews

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Different than your usual toothpaste, will keep using to see what results are.

Beth Vayda

I previously went through a small jar of the regular peppermint flavor, I found it a little hot but it was still affective in making my mouth clean. When I ran out, I decided to opt for this mild mint and I’m glad I did! The flavor and level of spice makes it easier to brush longer without trying to hang in there. I love both but this is my favorite of the two!

M’s Mom
Kid approved!

My 7yo old loves this toothpaste. Says it’s the only toothpaste that makes their teeth feel clean. I’m glad it doesn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients. Top quality!


I've been using Uncle Harry's Toothpaste for a couple of years now. I started with the Spearmint but noticed that it was irritating the insides of my cheeks and drying out my lips. I've recently switched to the Mild Mint and things have definitely improved. I'm giving it 4 stars because, while this is easily the best toothpaste I've every used (my dentist is very impressed! I have terrible teeth, fyi and haven't had any cavities since switching to UH), I do hope/wish that UH will make an essential oil free toothpaste. I understand that EOs are part of the formulation but maybe y'all can work your magic and develop a toothpaste without EOs for those of us who are super sensitive to them. Otherwise, thank you for making a fabulous product. My teeth are extremely happy. Oh and please try to get the Mild Mint in more stores! So hard to find on the shelf!


What a miracle! Along with diet changes and the remineralizing mouthwash, this toothpaste is helping to restore our young one's demineralization! We also appreciate the ease of use . . . that we can just dip the toothpaste in. The only drawback is the essential oils . . . while they are in themselves very healing for the mouth, if they get on the skin at all around the mouth, they can cause a dry red rash on sensitive skin. Would it be possible to make an essential oil-free version of this wonderful toothpaste, keeping the rest of the ingredients there? Blessings!