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Cinnamon Toothpaste

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Customer Reviews

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Great toothpaste without fluoride. Teeth are mineralized.

Tonya P.
I won't use another brand!

In the past year I switched from a mainstream popular brand to Uncle Harry's paste. My mouth and gums feel cleaner than ever, and my dental hygienist was super impressed by the state of my teeth and gums.


LOVE the Cinnamon Toothpaste! I really liked the first flavor I tried but this cinnamon is even better! The flavor is fantastic and it does a much better job cleaning my teeth and removing any buildup. It's more of a deep clean leaving your teeth & gums looking and feeling their cinnaBEST! Thank you Uncle Harry's!


I am so thankful to have found Uncle Harry's Cinnamon Toothpaste! I had been using another brand of very expensive tooth powder, when I came upon an ad for Uncle Harry's.
I ordered the Cinnamon Toothpaste, and a Remineralization kit which includes a bottle of mouthwash, a remineralizing rinse, and a little tub of whitening toothpaste.
I began to see a whitening of my teeth in just a few days, and the sensitivity issues ceased. My gums are looking so much better (they were receding badly) and my teeth and breath never felt so fresh and clean!
Wonderful quality products at reasonable prices, and very fast shipping!


I loved the results I got with this toothpaste but the mint oils (even in the cinnamon flavor) are far too strong and "burned" my mouth - causing angry red sore areas especially under my tongue inside my lower lip and along my gums) that took several weeks to resolve under care of a doctor. There was also a nasty thrush infection - my first - that got started in the sore areas). Perhaps I'm just unusually sensitive. I'm going to look into making a similar product for myself without the mint.