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Silky Shea Coconut Oil for Hair (4 fl oz)

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Customer Reviews

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I use a little bit as a leave in conditioner. It makes my hair really soft and shiny. I am of black ethnicity and this makes my waves pop when my hair is short and makes my hair curly when my hair is longer. It's best to run some in the hair while it is still damp after a shower.


I've been using it as a leave in and i like it. It has a pretty powerful lavender smell, which i like but it fades so it's not too much. It's oily but doesn't leave a build up or gross feeling once hair is dried. Plus, I love all the natural ingredients! Hard to find these days in hair care.


Good stuff! I've used a lot of leave-in conditioners for dry ends, and they make your hair dull looking. This couldn't be more different--it's oil, so it makes your hair shiny, as well as oily looking. However, I still like it more than any other leave-in conditioner, and this product technically isn't that and doesn't need to be left in.

It smells nice, and I've been using sparingly as a leave-in conditioner about once to twice a week. Lasts a long time too.