At the age of 44, Harry encountered severe, painful gum infections. Unaware of the cause, he trusted the available dental procedures to reverse his periodontal problems. This sparked his interest to find the cause of failing gums and different oral care issues – and avoid these conditions altogether.

His mentor often mentioned different natural remedies from Ayurveda, including a tooth powder formula. It combined natural essential oils with calcium carbonate and mustard seed powder and other herbal ingredients. After making a remarkable test batch that transformed his mouth, he knew he had to share this ancient wisdom with the world!

He decided to start a business that was uniquely based around natural products, beneficial for people interested in health and happiness. The beginnings were humble; the basement and garage of his family home transformed into all processes of the business – handcrafting, filling, manufacturing, labeling, and shipping of all products.

Uncle Harry's Natural Products continues to be a family endeavor, now run by Harry's grown children. Harry himself has retired from daily operations and spends his time working on his 9 acre farm.