Going Green for 2019

Going Green for 2019

For the past three decades Uncle Harry’s has committed ourselves to providing earth friendly products. Looking to the future we are excited to expand our mission to incorporate striving for zero waste in all facets of our business as we continue to grow.

Uncle Harry’s Natural Products Mission:

Uncle Harry's Natural Products has been dedicated to making earth-friendly products at people-friendly prices since 1991. Our mission is to respect the Earth and all of its inhabitants by offering the cleanest and most affordable body care products available while striving for zero waste in all facets of our business. Uncle Harry's uses only the finest quality, minimally processed food grade ingredients, including local, organic, cruelty-free, and sustainable raw materials.

Allia, Robert, and Jordan

So what does this all mean for our company and for our customers?

For our daily operations and manufacturing, our team is continuously researching and making changes to reduce our waste. This includes (but is not limited to) monthly drop-offs to our local recycling center for hard-to-recycle products, composting throughout our facilities, reducing single-use paper towel usage and switching to unbleached, recycled paper towels, 100% Green Energy through Puget Sound Energy, and utilizing sugarcane-based paper for our office needs.

One of our recent changes was reducing plastic waste when transporting products between our factory and distribution center by acquiring a reusable bulk container instead of plastic-wrapping pallets of products.

Before and After - Product Transfer Bin


For our customers, we are striving to improve our product packaging, provide more bulk options, and develop eco-friendly shipping options.

In September, Bulk Toothpastes launched on our website in a 1.5 pound glass jar with plastic lids. Since this launch, our team has been testing metal lids to replace our plastic lids for our sixteen-ounce and two-ounce glass jars. In the near future, Uncle Harry’s plans to offer more of our products in bulk sizes on our website. If you are interested in any of our products in larger sizes, please check out this FAQ: Bulk Size Products (link doesn't work right now).

Bulk Toothpaste

Bulk Gallon Jugs

To provide environmentally friendly shipping alternatives, we teamed up with local box maker Alliance Packaging to create custom cardboard packs to help reduce the need for bubble wrap.

Cardboard 2pack

Our new cardboard 2-pack and 6-pack shipping box perfectly fits our smaller glass jar products! This includes Toothpaste, Tooth Suds, All Natural Tooth Powder, Sensitive Tooth Powder, Hemp Blemish Salve, Ayurvedic Face Cream, Jojoba Cream, Poison Ivy and Oak Relief, Healing Foot Salve, and Shea Butter.

Cardboard 6pack jar

Our one ounce glass bottle 6-pack was specifically designed for our Remineralization Liquid for Tooth Enamel, but can also fit the 1 fl oz size of our essential oils and synergy blends.

Cardboard 6Pack 1oz Bottles with Caption

Our Shipping Team is continuing to find alternative ways to safely pack orders with less plastic and do hope to include this as an option at checkout in the future! For now, if you are interested in no-plastic shipping please just include a note in your customer comments at time of order.

Uncle Harry’s is committed to striving for zero waste in all facets of our business and hope you join us in our mission to go green for 2019!

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