Uncle Harry’s Super Fan Contest

Uncle Harry’s Super Fan Contest

Yes, Uncle Harry is a real person (and his real name is Harry!) with quite a large family; who created products to address personal issues (oral care, overall health, etc) and wanted to share it with the world. Uncle Harry started the family business in the basement of their family home in the early 1990’s and then expanded into 2 warehouses in the 2000s. Today, Uncle Harry can be found developing his sustainable homestead while his children handle the business's day-to-day.

We were able to grow thanks to word-of-mouth from you sharing your great experiences with our products! We are so grateful for the support you’ve provided from the very beginning and it’s the greatest feeling to meet those who Uncle Harry’s products have truly improved their lives. After months of planning, we launched a contest to find THE Uncle Harry’s Super Fan. We wanted to give back to our loyal supporters and provide the opportunity to personally share our story and let you meet the man behind the business, Uncle Harry himself. In the end, we found our Super Fan: Renatta.

The day finally came that Renatta and her husband made the journey from the East Coast to rainy Seattle! We eagerly waited for them to arrive at Sea-Tac International Airport and made the short drive to the family farm in Redmond to enjoy a home-cooked meal. Renatta and her husband, Danny, met the man behind the products, Uncle Harry, and his family: Elizabeth (wife), Subhadra (daughter), Ambika (daughter), and Haridas (son). After dinner and great conversation, Renatta was checked in to Redmond Inn to rest up for the big day at the factory.

The following day, we picked them up bright and early to tour the factory and meet our awesome team. They got an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour by CEO Subhadra, fresh espresso from Ambika, and pastries by local favorites Mighty-Os. Then, they had the opportunity to work with our production team to create Renatta’s favorite product: Miracle Mouthwash. After getting down and dirty with our production team, they earned their first break and met with Haridas to take a peek at the development of our new website. From there, they joined our shipping department in their newly renovated distribution center and helped fulfill some orders. Their day ended in the storefront with Ambika, where they were able to shop and learn about our wide variety of products.

Superfan in factory

After the in-depth behind-the-scenes factory experience, we made the short trip back to the farm along with the entire staff. Renatta got to fulfill her biggest wish of meeting our gyr cows, Lakshmi and Gaurangi, and feed them apples and bananas. After feeding the cows, we got to enjoy another great home-cooked vegetarian meal by Elizabeth while Subhadra shared a little history about the homestead. After the great meal and storytime, Uncle Harry provided an in-depth tour of the gardens and composting efforts of the farm. In the early afternoon the rain started to fall, ending Renatta and Danny’s tour of the gardens. We dropped off Renatta and Danny at their final hotel in downtown Seattle, where they got to enjoy their remaining time on their trip enjoying Seattle’s landmarks and sights.

Superfan garden

We were so excited to personally share our story with Renatta and Danny, have them meet our great team, and provide a look behind the scenes of Uncle Harry’s Natural Products. We’re also extremely grateful to those who participated in our contest, from submitting videos to voting for the Super Fan. In the future, we hope to keep providing more glimpses behind the scenes through our blog and social media.

Superfans with Uncle Harry
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