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Self Care During a Pandemic

Self Care During a Pandemic

During these past six months, our world has faced unprecedented challenges. We are humbled by the support of the communities we serve and are committed to taking care of our customers and employees, driven by our mission to provide earth-friendly products at people-friendly prices. Now more than ever, it’s time to stick together and help each other through this. We are with you. So we have whipped together some tips and recipes that have helped us these past months.

Cleansing Aromatherapy*

Four Bandits Anti-Germ
Legend goes that during the Black Plague in 17th century France, four bandits robbed sickly victims without getting infected. After their arrest, they were offered leniency by the magistrate if they would divulge their secret - which became known as Thieves Vinegar or Marseille Vinegar throughout the ages. Our Four Bandits Anti-Germ was inspired by this tale. It is a combination of antiseptic oils - useful at creating a barricade between you and insects, germs, and more. This combination of 14 essential oils has a sweet herbal scent with a spicy kick thanks to the cinnamon leaf, and this blend is best used diffused or as a cleanser. To diffuse, add up to five drops per ½ cup water to airborne microbes - we have this diffusing at all entry points of our factory. To use as a cleanser, dilute up to 15 drops in a mix of 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% water. If you don’t have a spray bottle on hand, you can also add a few drops to a wet cloth and wipe down any surfaces.*

Breathing Mix
Clean oxygen, which is vital to living and protecting our respiratory systems, has been the talk of the pandemic... so ditch the so-called air fresheners and take advantage of purifying plant essences to help clear the nasal passages. Breathing Mix is a versatile synergy blend of 7 essential oils ideal for purifying the air. To diffuse, add up to five drops per ½ cup water to purify the air - we encourage our staff to diffuse at home. To use as a cleanser, dilute up to ten drops per ½ cup water in a spray bottle. If you’re feeling a little stuffy, you can even put a few drops on a handkerchief or the collar of your shirt to breathe in frequently. For serious stuffiness, you can even try steam inhalation. Don’t have a diffuser? Check out our Clean Air Blend Aromatherapy Mist!

Eucalyptus Oil
Not a fan of essential oil blends? Then Eucalyptus Oil would be ideal for you! This is an essential oil superstar that has a long history of widespread application for medicinal, industrial, and perfumery purposes. This cineole-based oil is a colorless liquid with a pungent, camphoraceous scent and a woody-sweet undertone that is renowned for its cooling and stimulating properties. To diffuse, add up to five drops per ½ cup water to revitalize your senses. For aches and topical use, mix up to twelve drops in two ounces of carrier oil. To use as a cleanser, dilute up to 20 drops in a mix of 25% vinegar and 75% water.* To improve respiration, try steam inhalation.

Personal Spa Day

These past months have been difficult to all of us in many different ways, causing more stress in daily life. So don’t forget to take some time for yourself and relax! Disconnect from your electronics, light some candles, play some relaxing music and diffuse some oils to create a relaxing atmosphere. Relaxing Serenity is a wonderful soothing blend of floral scents that can transform your space into pure bliss with a few drops. Lavandin Oil is a sweet hybrid type of Lavender with balancing and calming properties, and a few drops can help relax the body and mind. To diffuse, add up to five drops per ½ cup of water. Don’t have a diffuser? Check out our Lavender Aromatherapy Mist!

Face Care against Mascne (Face Mask Acne)
1. Cleanse: Clean and wash your face. Our favorite would be our Face Wash - a non-alkaline, pH balanced, soap-free facial cleanser - to remove dirt and other impurities from the skin.

2. Mask: Apply a clay mask to easily eliminate toxins and build-up, such as our newly reformulated Sandalwood Face Mask that includes bentonite clay to remove toxin and tightens pore, turmeric to ease inflammation, and marshmallow root to soothe. You’ll want to mix equal parts of purified water and clay, and the trick is adding the clay to water and allowing the clay to absorb the water. Once the clay has absorbed the majority of the water, mix well. If the mixture is lumpy, let it sit for a few more minutes - you’re looking for a smooth paste. Apply the mixture on your face, make sure to not forget your chin and other areas covered by your mask and leave 20 minutes - but be sure to remove it before it dries. All the benefits of masks happen while the mask is wet against your face, so there’s no need to wait until it fully dries. Wipe off the clay mask with a towel and rinse your face with cold water.

3. Acid: Apply a small amount of Antibacterial Vinegar to a cotton round and gently rub across forehead, cheeks, and chin. Avoid eye area. These natural ingredients replace the conventional chemical acids used in traditional facial peels that remove the top layer of skin, exposing the vibrant new cells below.

4. Hydrate: Acids can quickly dry out the skin, so after using an acidic substance on your face, you’ll want to hydrate by spritizing with Rose Water, or other natural mists such as Jojoba Face Tonic Spray or Lavender Water.

5. Massage, Moisturize, & Nourish: This is the classic “facial” ending: apply the final moisturizer using targeted massage techniques. Our Ayurvedic Face Cream and Jojoba Cream (for those with sensitive skin) are great for this, but have you tried our cosmetic oils? Organic Argan Oil is rich in vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and carotene; it penetrates the skin quickly and is remarkably lightweight. Organic Hemp Oil has a high essential fatty acid content that is optimal for nourishing the skin and improving skin conditions.

Tired feet after a long day?
Soothe your aching feet and toes with our Energizing Foot Soak Salts featuring a blend of epsom salt to soothe inflammation, organic oatmeal to soften the skin, and circulation-promoting plant essences to provide relief to your tired toes. Mix two or more tablespoons in a container of warm water big enough to hold both feet, and soak until the water cools. Finish up with a massage with our Healing Foot Salve for extra stimulation.

*Disclaimer: Uncle Harry's Natural Products are created with high quality ingredients and good intentions. Each item is handcrafted in small batches by a conscientious staff in Redmond, WA. We do not represent medical doctors and cannot diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have a concerning symptom please seek guidance from a licensed healthcare practitioner before using our products. Provided recipes are not proven to work against COVID-19 and shouldn’t replace directed hygienic practices encouraged by the CDC.

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