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Cedar/Sage Seaweed Hair Gel (4 fl oz)

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Customer Reviews

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I have fine and thin (and thinning) hair. I really like how this helps my hair stay in place. I let it dry, then comb through it, and my hair is not so affected by static.

Two things I hope can be improved:
1. I smell wafts of something like ammonia from this product on my hair. I suspect this is from key ingredients and not the cedar/sage scents.
2. When dried, and after I comb through it, I can see tiny flakes of this product on my shirt. I do not have, and have never had, dandruff. I suspect it's the dried seaweed. I try to apply as little as possible of this product to minimize this.

Overall, I keep using this because I like the results, the ingredients, and I haven't discovered anything I liked better overall.


This is the ONLY gel that has given me the exact kind of hold I'm looking for on my wavy hair. The waves form in clumps, not stringy like other gels. The scent is great, a real forest/campfire smell that isn't overpowering. My hair will hold curl for 2 days now without a lot of fuss. I love it.


I've been using the Cedar/Sage Hair Gel for a couple of years, and I wouldn't be without it. Used after I wash, or on other days simply for styling, it gives my hair just that little extra volume needed without making it sticky or greasy. And the scent is wonderful!

I'm also laughing because I'm another LeAnn who loves this product (see featured product blog this month :-) )

ConnieSue Seattle

When I purchased my first bottle of this product, it was a thick and almost iridescent gel that was slippery to the touch. Later bottles have been thinner, more liquid and kind of sticky. I liked the first bottle very much - used it instead of shampoo and then again (a tiny bit) after washing as a conditioner. I'm not liking the more recent version as much, so I'm even thinking of trying to recreate the original as a DIY with similar ingredients.


I tried this as a gel and as a conditioner. Neither way worked for my dry course wavy hair. Left it crunchy and dry. I smells too strong for me too.