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Lavender Hair Gel (4 fl oz)

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Customer Reviews

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The Best for Curls

If I could give this 20 stars I would! It's so hard finding clean products that work on curly hair as most products don't perform well or weigh hair down. This is the perfect balance of performance and light enough to make my curls springy and not heavy. I live in a very humid climate and it helps to combat frizz. I just love it!

Amanda DiRienzo
Smells like bug spray

So I actually really like this gel. Sadly though I find myself hesitent to use it because it doesn't smell like lavender at all. You can only smell the geranium which smells like bug spray. Someone said the smell is not strong but it most certainly is. This is great for if you are going somewhere in the summer and will e using bug spray or camping. I hope in the future they make one that is unscented. To note, I am sensitive to fragrances but my husband also found it to smell strongly like bug spray.


I've been looking for a natural product for my thick, curly hair. I usually rub it against my palms and thin it out with a bit of water. I also have a little bit diluted with water in a spray bottle - the perfect refresher for the days that I don't wash my hair. The texture is odd... but I'll take it above all the others out there.

Chelle Davidson

As the others have said, this works so great for my curls. And a little is way better than a lot. To the Father who reviewed it for his daughters. Took some time to find the right balance and it does come out thick, but if i just finger it through my hair and let it dry my hair stays soft and manageable all week with no additional product.


I've been using this for a bit over a month now in place of having used deva products before. I love it as a hair gel! I've been applying it to wet hair after showering and it leaves my thin curls soft and defined. Definitely less is more though--too much and it does get a bit crunchy, however you can always scrunch it out. I also tried it as a rinse out conditioner, however I found it to be not quite moisturizing enough in that regard. The scent is also nice-fresh and earthy.