Welcome to Uncle Harry’s Farm

Welcome to Uncle Harry’s Farm

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Uncle Harry's Farm Blog. We're all very excited for the new website and for the new opportunities to communicate and share ideas. In this blog, we will regularly update you on all the exciting things that are taking shape on the farm. So, without further ado, let me begin by saying... Welcome to Uncle Harry's Farm!

What's happening this week?


A beautiful stream runs through our land, drifting from north to south, dividing the property roughly in half. Previously, before we purchased this land, an oval road was laid down along with a two culverts. Unfortunately, this work was done without proper permitting making the culverts land violations - and this issue need to be remedied. We're looking at this as a wonderful opportunity to be responsible stewards of the land and set out to create a vibrant environment where wildlife such as fish and other stream animals will have a safe and healthy habitat. We've installed a silt fence on both sides of the northern part of the stream, to protect the stream from loose soil that we kick up during our farming activities. This week, we're installing the silt fence on the south part of the stream. However, before we can do that, we need to see where the stream flows by cutting the many non-native grasses.

Stream at the farm Salmon Safe Sign

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