DIY Natural Foot Health Basics

DIY Natural Foot Health Basics

Don't Tiptoe around Happy Tootsies

Celebrate all the work your feet do!

The impending sandal weather in under foot and Uncle Harry's wants to help you have happy, healthy feet from toe to heal. Your feet put up with quite the beating all day, every day. If your feet hurt or itch there is something wrong! There are many things that you can do to guard against pain; like be a bit of a goldilocks when deciding on shoes! Don't wear shoes that are too tight, too flat, to stiff, etc. Wear shoes that have arch support, shock absorption and cushioning and I promise you will be a step ahead of the hordes of your sore-footed comrades. Also be sure to wear the right shoes to the right events; wear running shoes for running, hiking boots for hiking and it's perfectly fine to wear heals occasionally to an event that requires heals! Having healthy, and pain-free feet affect your overall health because who wants to walk around, let alone get more exercise, if every step hurts, burns, itches or stings?!

If your feet are not as healthy, happy and sandal-worthy as you may like them to be, the Uncle has you covered! Let's go over some common conditions and learn about the best, most natural, course of action to help you treat your paws!

Common Complaint: Are you suffering from itchy or yellowing toenails?

Do you have thick, cracked, crumbling, super itchy or yellowing toenails? Don't worry its SUPER common, and SUPER treatable! It can be caused by ill-fitting shoes, dirt, grime or public locker rooms.

Relief with Uncle Harry's Toenail Relief

Treat your feet by soaking them in a therapeutic bath of Epsom salt (dissolve 2 cups Epsom salt in 1 gallon of very warm water). Try soaking for 30 minutes, or until the water is too cool to enjoy the soak, dry your feet completely then apply Uncle Harry's Toenail Relief essential oil combination. If you don't love the fragrance you can apply the Toenail Relief to the pad of a large bandage and place that directly on the itchy toenails. Continue to apply 2 to 3 times a day until the problem begins to improve. Keep your feet exposed to air as often as possible by removing shoes and socks and letting those pups BREATHE!

Common Complaint: Sore feet, blisters, tender spots? Dry cracked heals and dry or ashy feet?

Tight shoes rubbing in all the wrong places? Been on your aching pups for too long? Long night in heels? Just need a nice foot massage? Healing Foot Salve and Heal Heeler will have you covered! They're both wonderfully moisturizing, luscious products that are lightweight and great to take on backpacking trips or sightseeing this summer!

Moisturize with Uncle Harry's Healing Foot Salve

This thick, healing salve helps repair painful, cracked heels with natural herbs and verdant oils. Lavender and calendula are known for their antiseptic and soothing properties, and are often used for dermal ailments like blisters, rashes, and burns. Organic hemp oil helps nourish and moisturize damaged skin. BONUS: This luscious salve doubles as a great cuticle rub for your hands and nails and has healing properties for those pesky hangnails.

Strengthen with Uncle Harry's All Natural Heel Healer

It is very important to moisturize your skin! The more you moisturize, the stronger the integrity of your skin and thus, the harder it is to breakdown. All Natural Heel Healer is a thick, lush oil great to strengthen your skin (also great on your hands and cuticles). Use this thick, healing aromatherapy blend to quickly heal cracks and dry feet. Use also on toenails to hydrate and soften them before trimming.

Common Complaint: Tired feet after a long day?

Energize with Uncle Harry's Foot Soak Salts

After a long day working on your feet there's nothing better than soaking your aching toes in a tingling, revitalizing foot bath made with peppermint infused Foot Soak Salts. Ahhh! The soothing, healing epsom salt, softening oatmeal and circulation-promoting plant essences will make your tired pups feel better in no time. Incidentally, for all your sightseeing travels over the summer this is a great, lightweight product to take with you! At the end of a long day, soak your tired feet in an energizing foot bath, dry them completely and then moisturize with Healing Foot Salve for Cracks, and for the ultimate soft luscious feet put socks on before retiring for bed and let your feet retain all the moisture! You'll be thrilled with the results come morning!

Common Complaint: Stale-smelling shoes and sandals?

Deodorize with Uncle Harry's All Natural Foot Spray

Uncle Harry's All Natural Foot Spray is great for spritzing on feet, shoes, sandals, socks, gym bags and more! It is a purifying, and cleansing combination of fir, peppermint, lemongrass and more. It neutralizes powerful odors in a flash, while rejuvenating those tired souls!

Hopefully with these tips, tricks and treatments you'll be sandal ready in no time flat

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