Uncle Harry’s Farm: Picnic by the Garden, Well Completed, Starts Received

Uncle Harry’s Farm: Picnic by the Garden, Well Completed, Starts Received

Greetings, my fellow earthlings, are you ready for another update on what's going on? I sure am! :)

What's happening this week?


We've had one of the greatest summers I can remember in my 20+ years of living in the Seattle area. As Seattle-ites, whenever it's sunny and warm (and not raining), we love to be outside. So, that means.. Picnic party! Great vegetarian food, our friends and family, the garden, the apple tree... It was a great time for all to be had! Next time y'all are invited!

Uncle Harry's Family Picnic 2019


It took a while to get all the permits we needed, but we've finally dug a hole for our well! Right now, it's still just a pipe sticking out of the ground with a pump attached to it. We still need to build a little well-house, then dig a ditch to run the water pipes to the house and the fields. Coming soon...

Well engineer checking on the progress of the drilling.

Clay mixed with sand that was taken up by the drill.

Well dug.


We're excited to have received trays of starts of lavender, rosemary, and peppermint. Let the planting begin! First, we want to boost the nutrient levels of the soil. What better way than kitchen scraps and cow poop to create a nutrient-rich soil! :)

Trays of starts.

Boost blend - yummy for the soil. Compost and manure.

Rows to be planted here...

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