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Unscented Tooth Suds (2 oz glass jar)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I appreciate an unscented option because of some of my picky children; unfortunately, the tooth suds taste awful. I'm not even going to ask them to finish the jar.

a little goes a long way!

The taste might not good but it doesn’t kill you. My teeth feel so cleaned.


I bought tooth suds because the natural toothpaste I was using added ingredients I didn't want.

I was half expecting a Ralphie from Christmas story experience, but I was happy to be wrong.

Tooth suds did not burn my mouth, didn't taste awful, and made my teeth feel cleaner than the product I had been using.

Since only a teeny tiny amount is needed to create suds and clean, this jar is lasting me a really long time. Very cost effective.

I am leaving this review to encourage others to try it. I stopped brushing, with my sudsy toothbrush in my mouth (with no discomfort - only a little tingle from the suds) to write this review.

I am sensitive to soaps and detergents and have had no trouble at all with this product. It is also non-abrasive.

I'm a real person and did not get a product or anything to review this. I don't normally do reviews. This product is unusual (to our modern era) and worth trying.


I love this tooth soap!!! My teeth have never felt cleaner! Just ordered some more!!!