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Toothache Relief Oil (0.5 fl oz)

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Customer Reviews

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Nicole Draper
Very Helpful!

Another oral product that I am thankful I found when I did. It has brought me much relief, THANK YOU!


I tried this in my mouth just to see if it would work. I put a drop on my finger and rubbed it all over the inside of my gums. My mouth was almost immediately numb, but my lips burned so bad. The label does specifically say to avoid contact with your lips. No kidding. Definitely numbs your mouth, but put it on carefully.

Rocio G

This has been such a life saver as I currently heal from oral surgery. I use coconut oil and a single drop on a qtip for focused pain but I also take a tablespoon of the Uncle Harry's mouthwash with warm water to the 50ml line and add 3 drops of this oil blend into the syring my dentist gave me. I have one area taking longer to heal and he was really impressed by the results when I switched to rinsing this way. WIN!
Just know that essential oils are powerful! A little goes a long way folks.


Occasionally, I have horrible tooth pain. I think I may have a cracked tooth. I've tried many OTC toothache treatments and they take forever to work. All I did with this was put some on my finger (twice) rubbed it on both side of the gum and waa -lah! It was gone. Not much is needed. You also have to be careful not to get any on your lips or it will sting a bit. However, that sting doesn't compare to the agony of a toothache. I like this product and will buy again.


Whoa! Folks! Be careful. This is pure essential oils in your mouth. I put a drop on a sensitive tooth, my tongue and gums exploded in soars. My hubsband had no problem using this for a filling pain, but some folks are more sensitive to such super strong oils. I do use it now for nice scents. I mixed it on a scrub towel for mopping my floor, smells super nice! I love Uncle Harry Products, but I think this one should come with a warning. Warning! This is putting crazy essential oils in your mouth may burn!