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Toenail Relief Oil

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Customer Reviews

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It works!

This stuff really works when used regularly. That's twice a day on clean toes when needed, or once a day for preventative maintenance. It has a rather strong cinnamon smell but its not bad if you wipe off excess and wear in socks/shoes.


I got it for my Dad he has had toenail fungus for years... He tried everything nothing worked. But when he tried this in 2 days WOW!!! What a difference!!! His toenails and feet look great! He is on his fourth day and it looks amazing!!! Thank you for making this so effective and affordable!!!


I tried this product over a year ago for about a month on one toenail that I had with fungus. Unfortunately it turned my nail very yellow. The color change was almost immediate. I did not use anything else so I know it was this product that caused it. It is still yellow even after all this time. I had hoped the nail would grow out and it would return to a more normal color but no such luck. I've been living with fungus on this one toe for over 12 years and none of the products I have tried in the past ever turned it a color like this. I hate to leave a bad review but my toenail is so yellow I have to permanently keep socks on.

Janet Gesell

I started over a week ago using this product. My toenail is turning black color. I looked on your website but didn't see this.


I must say that this is a GOOD product! I was in Seattle (on Capital Hill) to buy a whole different product and bought this as well. I started using it a month ago, and I DO see a difference already. I do mostly twice a day and try to wear open-toed slippers in the evening. After having tried almost everything to get rid of my fungus. Am also putting it on an infected/inflamed pimple that a dermatologist said I would have to live with and it seems that that is getting much smaller. Thanks!! The strong cinnamon smell might take some getting used to... but after a few days -- No problem!