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Remineralization Kit with Whitening (1 kit)

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Customer Reviews

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This is great stuff! The taste is bracing at first but once you get used to it the benefits will keep you coming back. Leaves my breath fresh and my mouth clean, clean, clean!


This stuff is amazing. My mouth has never felt so good. My teeth are nice and smooth and definitely whiter after using for one week. I love the intense taste and I know the combination of the colloidal silver and oils are really killing off the bacterial colonies.


I just ordered this last week and I am in love. While the taste isn't amazing it is tolerable and fairly neutral. But how it makes my mouth feel is what's incredible I haven't had any cavities up until one I spotted a brown spot on my tooth, I can't even find in right now! It was very small but I know it was there. Anyway I always use this kit right before bed because I have retainers I have to wear and they definitely help build bacteria at night so my mouth was gross when I woke up, but it is gradually getting better and I have changed my diet a bit. I hope you stay around forever uncle Harry because I will be using this stuff until I die!