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Remineralization Kit for Tooth Enamel (1 kit)

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Customer Reviews

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I've been using this product for over a month now. I've noticed my teeth have gotten a little whiter and my teeth feel stronger. As far as remineralizing for enamel I haven't noticed a different in how my enamel looks. Over the last few days some of my teeth have become extremely sensitive and with that it discourages me from using it anymore. Loved the product the but the pain is stopping me from further use.


I chipped my wisdom tooth in Jan and was too swamped to get a dental appointment. Well that plus major stress from sudden life events made me neglect my tooth care and my nutrition plus the anxiety caused me to have more severe jaw clenching at night, grinding hard on my back teeth. So a large cavity had developed and was infected and in the last month just figured out why i had been feeling so unwell. My body was fighting a tooth infection and i had not even noticed.

I frantically researched remineralization and started using this for the last week after discovering it and another remin brand. I still scheduled with a dentist and they said it had to be removed. But since using it for the last week with coconut oil pulling, and some medication to fight the infection off, my tooth pain has gone down dramatically and have noticed increased saliva production.

By far the most dramatic thing however is the cavity is beginning to close!! Now i am unsure if the tooth is growing back or the gum is healing but this has me so excited so will be diligent with using it, even taking it to work to use after meals. I pray I can avoid a complicated surgery and giving a few more weeks to see.

Uncle Harrys customer

Just bought for my husband so fixing to try it out. Need to see if this will be safe for my 5yr old daughter? Thank you and God bless!!


I can say this is the most amazing product I have ever used! I take amazing care of my teeth (brush after every meal, floss daily, etc.) and I am constantly fighting swollen gums and have lately had almost a cavity at every dentist visit. I have been extremely discouraged. I stumbled upon this product and bought it without much hope. I can say after 10 days the results have been amazing! I too at first lost a lot of my sense of taste, but that has come back. My gums are a healthy light pink, and foods that didn't taste good (such as coffee - it was so bitter before I couldn't stand it!) taste good! In addition, I have been struggling for years with a chocolate sensitivity. If I eat small amounts my gums swell and I end up with a cold sore. Since having this, I have eaten a large amount of chocolate and my gums look good, my mouth doesn't burn and I don't have a cold sore! I am actually excited to see the dentist in a month. Thank you for this great product!


I started using this right away. I soon discovered that I needed to waterdown the mouthwash. I like the product and I am waiting to see further results with one very sensitive tooth and receding gum lines. I'm getting used to the flavor.