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Poison Ivy & Oak Relief (3 oz glass jar)

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Customer Reviews

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Could not have been more fortunate to have found out about this product from my Auntie Carol! Had severe dermatitis from hours spent in poison oak and unbearable itching/stinging/burning skin. Applied this and within minutes was relieved of everything. Within a couple days my skin was on the mend and healing. This stuff works!

Patricia Davidson

I tried your Poison Ivy & Oak Relief this past year as I caught Poison Oak around one of my ankles. The ointment is so soothing and helped to take away the itch immediately. I highly recommend this product!


I am someone who gets poison oak on a regular basis, and this is the first topical product I have found that actually helps relieve the itching sensation successfully. The instructions say to leave it on for an hour but to get some sleep I suggest massaging a thin layer into your most irritating spots, then gently wrapping them in soft gauze or tissues and falling asleep. Yes this stuff will leave a white chalky residue on clothing but who cares if you can get some relief! Plus the peppermint scent is quite pleasing, although maybe a bit strong for those around you.