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Peppermint Tooth Suds (2 oz glass jar)

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Customer Reviews

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.y mouth has never felt cleaner

I dont know how it works, but a dab of this with a regular dollop of toothpaste and my mouth —tongue, teeth, everything —have never felt cleaner than when I use the Tooth Suds. The annoying thing is that just as I discovered this product, my store PCC in Ballard stopped carrying it. I seriously hate it when this happens.

Please dont stop producing this. Or just make the recipe open source if you do.

Aimee Hill
Tastes just like soap

It does get sudsy and it tastes just like soap. I couldn't get the horrible taste out of my mouth! I realize that these are natural products and that's why I purchased them, but it literally tastes like soap! That being said, I also ordered the peppermint toothpaste and Loved it! It made my mouth feel so fresh and clean! The mouthwash was very fresh too!

Sarah Q
I have used their toothpaste close to 10 years!!

Their mouth care products are my absolute favorite!! Their ingredients are so clean & in my opinion the BEST out there!! I am grateful for your whole brand!! I have used the teeth whiting, mouth wash & ALL are amazing!


I found this is best used every so often or as needed at night. That way the mild soap taste disappears by the morning. Not that it tastes that bad though. If you ever want to give your teeth a deep clean then use this. This keeps the dentist away. Although you should probably still go once every 6 months.


I love every other product we order. Decided to try and woa, really gross. To add it lingers.