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Organic Breath Freshener & Herbal Digestive (0.7 oz)

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Customer Reviews

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Love it!!


Fabulous product. I keep in my purse and no longer need to surreptitiously stick some gum into my mouth to freshen my breath. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I see it's out of stock. Hopefully that is only temporary!


I have digestive issues and this has been a miracle worker - I love it- even in Mexico it worked like a charm. There's been lots of discussion here on the absence of the flip top. Mine never came with one & I don't see what the big deal is without!:) I have loved every product I've tried by a Uncle Harry.


On occasion, I suck on licorice pellets to raise my blood pressure, due to adrenal insufficiency. Seeing this had anise & fennel, two favorite flavors of mine, and a convenient flip top, I bought this to see if it would help with digestion & bloating. Well, I kept forgetting to take it because (and my only problem with it) is that the powder doesn't want to come down. But I appreciate that there's no synthetic "free flowing agents" so I don't mind squeezing the cap harder or opening and stirring. I'm now on another medical diet and I use this to give up the chocolate habit. So far so good. Every time I want "to chew on something sweet", I eat a piece of celery and when the craving for chocolate persist, this does the trick every time. I had found from the pellets that raise my BP, that licorice is also an appetite suppressant to me. I now use this several times a day, tiny pinch at a time. At this rate, this will last a good 6 months or more. Very refreshing, excellent value, already getting my results and the flip top is easy to work and never gets stuck. Thanks Uncle Harry's for a great product!


this was my first time purchasing it. quality seems good, as expected for this sort of product from Uncle Harry's. pleasant smell/taste. minor complaint: the one i received doesn't have a flip-top cap, it has a regular cap that has to be fully unscrewed and it's very difficult to dispense the proper amount of powder. i'll have to borrow a flip-top cap from one of my other UH bottles or something.