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Oregano/Tea Tree Colloidal Silver Roll-On (10 ml)

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Customer Reviews

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Great but be careful!

This is great to take away cystic acne, I had really bad hormonal acne and postpartum acne that wouldn't go away no matter what I tried. I used this and over night it shrinks acne and dries it out! The only thing is that it has a stinging sensation after you apply I think due to the oregano oil. I noticed you can apply a carrier oil to the acne first and then the roll on and the stinging is better!

Sarah Powell

I bought this same product a few years ago and LOVED it for my acne. It healed my cystic acne faster than anything I've ever tried. I just bought another tube and noticed the packaging was different, but it said it was the same product. My skin immediately BURNED like crazy and it took me two rounds of cold water and face wash to get the burning to stop. My face was bright red afterward. I'm thinking of trying to dilute the product and still use it, but I'm curious if the formula changed recently.


I've always used tea tree for blemishes, but the combination of tea tree with the other ingredients makes this roll on an amazing weapon in the fight against acne. I used it twice on a red acne bump that was starting and it was gone within 24 hrs.


Fantastic Product! I break out due to allergies and nothing seems to work well... until I found this product. I healed 3x as fast as I normally do! Was so impressed! Highly recommend and I have tried dozens of products over the decades. Worth every penny!


I had a big, red cystic bump brewing on my skin. After putting this on at night, the next morning, I woke up to see the bump was less red and has dried out. Thanks to Uncle Harry's for making a great product when no conventional acne treatment worked for me!