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Orange/Tea Tree Soapless Shampoo (8 fl oz)

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Customer Reviews

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Jason Nee
So fresh and hair feels so clean

This orange-tea tree shampoo is my new favorite for my hair. I have straight and on the thicker-side hair. I don’t know how to describe in exact words, but after I leave on as directed for about 5-10 mins, and then rinse, it feels as if my hair strands are stronger/strengthened. And it feels like it doesn’t strip my natural oils. It appears to clean away “just the right amount” of my natural styling products out without damaging my hair. I am a male in my late 40s, and for a couple of years prior to using this product I would notice small clumps of hair during my regular shampooing process. But since using this Uncle Harry’s soap nuts shampoo for several weeks, I literally have like one or two SINGLE strands of hair in my palm during washing. I seriously feel this product is strengthening my scalp and subsequently my hair follicles. I always trust nature to know best, that’s why I put my trust into Uncle Harry’s products. Thanks for doing the right thing and doing better as a business. Your devoted customers thank you for your care and service to the planetary community! 🙏 I can feel the devotion in the other glowing reviews of your products. 💚 I hope these products keep being made for many many years to come!


I've been using this for a couple months now, rotating it with Dr. Bronner's and an Aveda shampoo. Overall, it works for my long, fine, wavy hair, although I've used about a fifth of the bottle every time I shampoo, so it takes a lot. The no-suds makes it hard to gauge if i'm ready to rinse but I just leave it in and do a good scalp massage while I wait. DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR EYES! I got a tiny dribble in my eye and was in severe pain for 30 minutes. It was hard to rinse it out since there are so many oils. I used eye drops all day to rinse and "cry" it out and eventually felt better but it was an ordeal.


This is my savior shampoo! I've been trying to avoid traditional shampoos, and have tried all the no-poo options. Everything either didn't clean, left a residue, or felt damaging to my hair.

This stuff works! I have striaght, fine hair and it cleans my hair very well without any scary ingredients. If you live in a dry climate, you'll likely want to condition after, but I don't need it living in high humidity. I'very finished my first bottle and ready to buy a years supply!

Thank you uncle harrys!


LOVE!!! Best shampoo I've ever used! I have semi thick hair and it works perfect for my hair. It cleans it without leaving it feeling to dried out. It gives it silky volume! I also have alopecia areata and I feel like this shampoo helped my hair grow back! Can't wait to buy in bulk! Thanks Uncle Harry!


This was a no go for me. Maybe bc I have scalp buildup and dry hair. I felt like it did nothing other and leave a yucky residue.