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Mandarin Body Deodorant (4 fl oz)

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Customer Reviews

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INEFFECTIVE and Funky Smell

I love Uncle Harry's products overall, but this one is a bust. It smells like something used to clean public restrooms, which I could maybe live with if it worked. Sadly it is ineffective and does not help manage armpit odor or perspiration - and yes, I detoxed first. This is a NO.


I absolutely love this deodorant. As a matter of fact, I have been using it for years, and one bottle lasts quite a long time with daily use. It can sting a little on occasion if applied right after shaving, but otherwise no stinging at all. There is a nice scent of mandarin when you first apply it, but that disappears quickly so you don't have to worry about smelling like oranges all day. This stuff works for me!! Although the armpits can still get wet depending on the circumstance (it's not an antiperspirant), I never, ever have BO. This will forever be my product, so I hope it's never, ever discontinued!


Although I like the smell of this deodorant, I don't think this scent is for me. I'm a man and personally I don't want my pits to smell like sweet oranges. On a positive note, 3 sprays under each armpit eradicates any body odor for an extremely long period of time. I'll probably recommend this sweet scent for my wife.


The first week, everything was fine. Odor control, no sweat. I was planning on stocking up on these because they're always sold out so I figured this deodorant must work great. After 1 week, all of a sudden, it started burning my armpits. (I don't shave, I use a depilator that keeps me hair-free for weeks at a time, so that wasn't the problem, plus wait a few hours before spraying and never had this problem with my other alcohol-based deodorant.)
Then I started noticing yellow dots on my bathroom counter with each use and my skin was stained yellow (as if I were bruised) every time I applied it, which didn't happen the first week. I tried shaking the bottle vigorously to see if the mandarin oil had settled and I was getting a dose too concentrated, but that didn't work. (Maybe because the concentrated liquid was already in the straw part?) The same 2 aforementioned problems persisted for me. I had high hopes for this, but sadly did not work for me. However I'm happy to report that the company contacted me, without me soliciting, and they made it right so I feel that this is a very trustworthy company to buy from and this product might work well for you. Just make sure to shake it before use. Maybe I received part of a batch that was too concentrated? I love small businesses that put out quality natural products, and 2 other items I bought here are my favorite so will give this company another chance. Thanks Uncle Harry's for standing behind your products! :)


I purchase this body deodorant for my husband. He loves it. After trying several brands of natural spray deodorant, this is the first brand of he trusts for odor control. After a long day under our Florida hot sun, sweating all the day long, he says there is no odor. Scent is perfect.