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Herbal Coconut Oil for Skin

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely the best healing and nourishing oil ever. Gets rid of scars as well!


I've been using this to oil wash my face for about four or five years now and my face is happier than it's ever been. When I first tried oil washing, I tried SO many different oils and none were quite right. I grabbed this on a whim at Marlene's in Tacoma and I've used it ever since. I just wish I'd found this many years earlier.


I've had issues with dry skin on my arms and legs and bumps on the backs of my arms, and nothing has helped, including straight up coconut oil, avocado oil, and other natural treatments. After using the herbal oil for two days after showering, my skin is noticeably softer, and I think the bumps are already going away. I used to use Uncle Harry's products all the time but steered away due to the large amount of essential oils used, but this combination seems to be working well. It is very strong smelling (in a nice way) but very little is needed, so hoping that not too much EO will be absorbed into my system.

Uncle Harrys customer

Smells beautiful and leaves skin soft


I really love this product. I use it daily all over my body and even a little in my hair to keep a controlled curl. It smells lovely, isn't too oily, last a long time, and the price is great. One of my favorite products from Uncle Harry's.