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Herbal Coconut Oil for Hair

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Customer Reviews

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Dawn McKinney
The Scent is Euphoric! Great Moisture For Scalp and Hair

I absolutely LOVE this herbal coconut oil! My scalp was a little itchy, not too bad... and wanted to try this to help calm my scalp and moisturize my greying auburn hair. I love how it calms my scalp and makes it happy. I use this as a preconditioner, and then again on my dry ends of my very long hair after a light towel-dry. Just a heads-up for the next step of shampooing this out... make sure you give the shampoo ample time to work its magic to break down this oil before rinsing. I currently use the soapless Orange/Tea Tree shampoo, and there was one time I rushed, didn't wait the minimum time, and regretted it. This product is definitely one I will continue to purchase!


I was very skeptical trying this, since usually coconut oil doesn't rinse out from my hair and will make it gross and greasy for 2 days after using it. Not this stuff! I put it in for the half hour pretreatment before using the lavender shampoo. It didn't feel like it rinsed out completely, but when my hair dried it was just clean and soft. I am really impressed!


The only stuff I like to use for my hair! Used to get this stuff at urban outfitters when they sold them there and have been trying to find it again for so long and finally found it and it's even better than I remember, thanks for the super fast delivery!


I am careful with coconut oil but this blend is a definite hit. The scent is incredible and develops with time, but is very subtle and light. It definitely exceeded my expectations as it leaves the hair super nourished without being oily; I apply it both on my scalp any strands. I sometimes apply it to my skin just because I love the scent so much. It is definitely a new staple. I love it. Thank you for such a pleasant experience.


I really like to use this as a pre-shampoo treatment for my dry course hair. Has a strong scent but leaves my hair smelling nice after it's washed away.