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Hemp Blemish Salve

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Customer Reviews

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A+ Salve & Blemish Treatment

Love how affordable this is! Have been using it on my dry skin, face included. It seems to help fight spots and adult acne, plus the smell is refreshing; like a spa day every time I use it.

Nicole Draper
Love the smell

My go to at bed time, I wake up feeling so nourished and silky. The smell is beautiful! I use this on my hands, face and feet.

Stephanie Shipper

Can't say enough great about this fine product ! I had Laser surgery last week on several spots on my face to remove keratosis. The spots were ugly and black scabs aftter the surgery. Within 4 days of regular use of this salve ...all the scabs dropped off revealing smooth, unblemished skin. What a marvel this is.

Please go up on your prices. People are paying a great deal for cortisone creams ....Here is something wonderful, natural, and highly effective ...non toxic. People will happily pay more !


Stopped white heads and a cyst in their tracks with one use. I have thousands of dollars in skin care, and I'm blown away by this one product. I was bracing myself for a full period breakout when this shipment came in, and today my skin is glowing and blemish free. I bought a bunch of random products here because I loved the remineralizing toothpaste, and this might be my favorite of all.


It didn't help my blemishes at all. I had to repurpose it after one use. I can't remember why because it has been a year; BUT, it is GREAT as a massage balm. A little goes a long way. It gives great slip when massaging. You don't have to keep getting more to put on the person, like an oil or lotion. It lasts long during the massage. I can massage for 30 minutes without adding more. I say 30, because I don't do it longer than that. So, it's a great possibility that it goes on longer than that.

I massage family members. They can feel a difference and thinks I massage better with it. I do too. I enjoy it more using this product.

The person can go right to bed afterwards and not worry about messing up regular sheets. Don't know about specialty sheets. If a concern, wear a t-shirt to bed.

Great scent. It lingers for a good amount of time. Encourages a good night's sleep.

4 stars because it didn't work as a blemish salve for me, so I would have given it a 1 star; but it being used as a massage balm . . . It is HEAVEN. I LOVE IT FOR THIS PURPOSE! 5 STARS for that.