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Hair Conditioner Spray (4 fl oz)

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Customer Reviews

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Dawn McKinney
I LOVE this conditioner! But.. the spray top doesn't work well.

I really love this conditioner! The scent is uplifting, with the Orange and other Citrus oils, and doesn't weigh down my hair. The scent is not super strong, and does lighten a lot as my hair dries. I have zero issues with the product at all, but on first use, I did have to transfer the conditioner to a spray bottle I happened to have on hand as the spray top on the bottle didn't work after one spritz. I had the same experience with the deodorant spray.

Excellent product.

I bought this two years ago and didn't realize it was no rinse, thus it didn't work very well. Then I actually read the label and now it's the best conditioner I've ever used. No-rinse, duh. Leaves hair feeling clean and natural, better control and pleasant scent.

Great for styling!

Yum the smell is so refreshing and up lifting! I use this to keep flyaways and frizz down. I also love this right after I get out of the shower just before I brush my hair. My husband loves the smell! I feel like it makes him want to give me more kisses on my cheek :D


This works as a leave in conditioner and detangler for my fine, wavy hair. And the citrus smell is absolutely lovely. This product is my hair care favorite.


My hair feels and looks pretty good, but the SMELL. Oh, my goodness. It's overwhelming. It's like I have a glass of orange juice by my nose all the time. Or something like that. Don't get me wrong. I like orange juice. Orange juice smells O.K. But, to have so much so close all the time. It's not worth it. I can't stand it. It's not worth returning what with postage costs. I'll give it to someone.