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Face Wash

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Beth Vayda
Nice addition to my routine!

Because of the affordability of this face wash, I was more inclined to buy to try, starting with the smallest size. So thank you Uncle Harry’s! I keep it in the shower, pour a tablespoon in my palm, and quickly apply to my face. I wait about a minute before splashing it off. It doesn’t completely remove makeup, but it doesn’t break out my face, burn my eyes, or smell bad. I’ve since bought the biggest size, it lasts forever! Love this stuff!


I've been using the oil cleansing method for several months now but felt like my skin needed more. After an awful bout of hormonal acne (big painful cysts on my jawline) I wanted to incorporate a cleanser to start the "double cleansing method" but I wanted something 1. Clean (no added chemical fragrance, parabens, etc - other endocrine disrupters) and 2. Affordable.
I browsed my local Natural Grocers for a while and stumbled upon this. I followed my typical oil cleansing routine (castor oil, hemp seed oil, and tea tree) and then I put this on and let it sit for a few minutes. When I rinsed it off, holy smokes my skin felt amazing. It felt very clean but it wasn't tight. Immediately I noticed the pores around my nose shrunk. I intend on using it twice a day, in the AM alone and in the PM following my oil cleansing method.


15 years ago I developed rosacea and it was impossible to find products and cleansers that did not irritate my face. Recently I found this cleanser and I like it so much. It is refreshing, works great, and my skin has improved so much that I am amazed.


This sat on my shelf for a long time and I just started using it out of desperation because my face started breaking out in an acne rash and hadn't gone away for months, no matter what I did. I finally gave this a try and it is clearing up my skin! I can't believe it! So glad to have my clear skin back!


This is just the best facial cleanser I have ever used on my troubled skin. I feel like it is pampering it rather than fighting it as typical acne products do. I apply it on a cotton pad and then wash away with a cloth. My skin looks fresh and clear. I follow with the jojoba toner. Plan to use this regimen forever:)