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Clean Air Blend Aromatherapy Mist (4 fl oz)

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Customer Reviews

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Great smelling. The spray bottle has some issues spraying.


This spray is amazing. I even use it on myself when I need a pick me up. 1 spray is all we need in our tiny bathrooms and a couple does the entire open living area. It smells fresh and minty. I open windows and air out the house every morning. Afterwards I spray a little and it gives the morning zombies a boost of energy. Highly recommend

Andrea P

Such a great blend for resetting a room that needs freshening up. I've turned a handful of people onto this product after they've smelled it! I use it in my car and room. A very convenient way to freshen up a room without burning anything. I have tried other the other blends of this product, but this blend is my favorite by far.

Linda Careaga

I absolutely love the Clean Air mist! I love some of your other aromatherapy mists too but this one is my favorite, especially for the bathroom. It not only kills odors but leaves a fabulous fragrance.

Mary in California

I am addicted to this product! I use it as an air freshener & also spray it on the sheet bedding for my house guests. It is a perfect combination that is nicely balanced as a fragrance.