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Cinnamon Tooth Suds (2 oz glass jar)

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Customer Reviews

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The best!! Love it!! Will never use other than this!!


This is now my go-to for brushing. The cinnamon in this does a good job of masking the soapy taste I experienced using the peppermint version. Also, I did not find the cinnamon flavor to be too "hot" or intense. Great product!

Absolutely love it!

My teeth feel so clean, my mouth tingles in a good way for several minutes after brushing. I have the cinnamon tooth soap and it is not too hot for me. I don't mind the soap taste at all. I put the smallest amount on so I don't foam rabidly from the mouth (you quickly learn how much is too much.) I've only used for 2 days now but I am thoroughly impressed by how clean my teeth and mouth feel. I absolutely love this product.


When I first received my Uncle Harry's cinnamon toothsoap, I didn't know what to make of it. I was expecting a clear liquid soap like another brand I had used up until that point. I absolutely feel in love with it after the first time I used it! It is amazing! What is especially remarkable about it is that it feels like I am "feeding" my teeth every time I use it; it is a sensation of giving my teeth every thing they need to be healthy (and re-mineralize I assume as well). I didn't find the cinnamon too hot at all but very delicious! I will never go back to the brand I use to use before and am so happy that I was introduced to Uncle Harry's by a friend. Great product! Keep up the good work Uncle Harry!


I use the peppermint toothsoap--it does taste like soap but i add a bit of an organic toothpaste which really makes it more palatable! And I got the cinnamon by accident. I agree with the other reviewer--it is way too hot--it burned so much I had to spit it out before I could to do a good job of brushing on my teeth! I've not had that problem of hotness with peppermint, and it does a great job too, I think.