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Breathing Mix

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Love it!!

Many uses

I’ve found Breathing Mix has many uses - or can be used in many ways. During the covid masking phase, when I had to use one, I put a drop in the mask. Also put some on a cloth as recommended, and in a plastic bag to carry. Mixed with water in a spray bottle, it makes a refreshing room spray. Coming in from outside when it’s windy, or during allergy season. And then, there’s just taking a good sniff now and then.
Very happy to have access to it.


I just got my breathing mix today and I'm already upset at myself for not getting the bigger bottle. This stuff opens up your lungs airways like you wouldn't believe. It has so many qualities from antibacterial and antiviral. I put it on one of my rags, in my humidifier and my girlfriend even put it on her carbon filter mask for work (She's a Certified Nursing Assistant). Especially with the recent Covid-19/Coronavirus epidemic you should do everything you can to protect yourself and loved ones. I'm a big proponent for natural remedies. Thank you Uncle Harry's!

Donna in Georgia

I am envious of previous reviewer Patricia's ability to make a bottle last for two years! I love this on my pillow, in my vaporizer, on's so relaxing and comforting (and such a wonderful alternative to petroleum jelly-based breathing treatments)!


5 Stars Please! As a Nurse Practitioner Integrative Medicine nursing student, we had a variety of substances to choose from to inhibit the growth of various bacteria. Breathing Mix inhibited the growth of Methionine Resistant Staph Aureus!!!!!!! As a private nurse/caregiver, I recommend this blend for all!!!!!Put drops in steaming water and breath in the healing power! Thank you for all that you do and all that you are!!! Amy