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Ayurvedic Face Cream

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Customer Reviews

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The good stuff

I've been using Uncle Harrys Ayurvedic Face Cream for many years because I love how it absorbs into my skin. It has a somewhat unusual fragrance but is sort of refreshing.

Jessica B

This is something that I make sure I never run out of! It’s so soothing to my skin. Highly recommend if you are looking for a new face moisturizer!


I bought this face cream for my husband because it was simple, natural and inexpensive. I tried it once and immediately bought my own jar. I love the smell. I love the feel of it on my face. I've paid well over $100 for expensive face creams over the years and this Ayurvedic face cream is by far my favorite and a fraction of the cost. Which makes me even happier. I don't plan on ever buying any other face cream other than this one. I'm 52. I use Uncle Harry's face tonic too, it a fantastic combo.
I haven't tried the face wash yet, cause I still have face wash I need to use up, but that will be next on my list.

Tyler Rogers

I keep coming back to this site to review their products. Even reviewing and giving updates to my previous reviews. This would be one of my more in-depth reviews. As someone who experiments with nootropics/herbals and is very in tune with their body, I find that this cream has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. Whenever my face is irritated by maybe exfoliating a bit too hard, leaving my face mask on for too long, or even eating something that was inflammatory like unhealthy Polyunsaturated fats from fried foods I notice that this cream has a soothing effect. My face goes from irritated and forming tiny pimples to feeling soothed and calm. It definitely stops pimples from forming in their tracks. Definitely from the combination of the simple and anti-inflammatory natural ingredients in this cream.


I have been using this cream on my aging and slightly dry face for a couple of years now and love it. I just have an observation. The last time I ordered, the cream had a slight different consistency, more granular like dried coconut oil has. Is there coconut oil in it now? Just wondering because the cream was not like that before. The effects seems the same though.