Uncle Harry's Story

Uncle Harry's Story

Dear Friends,

I'm Uncle Harry and I still have my teeth. It hasn't been easy to keep'em. My dentist told me some years ago that I wouldn't have one tooth left in my mouth. My gums were infected. Then he told me I'd have to spend $10,000 to save them or pull them all out. I felt too young (44) to lose my teeth and spend the rest of my life with dentures. Then I started to look around for a natural cure to save my teeth and gums.

My dentist began to speak more like a friend when I told him I didn't have the money to save my teeth nor did I want to have them pulled out. He recommended a thorough cleaning by a periodontist. He said, “If the gums heal and tighten up after the cleaning, then you might have a chance.” But he was doubtful. So was I. The periodontist cleaned my teeth (and almost killed me with the pain and discomfort). He tore my gums apart like a backhoe tearing up a street. I survived. I was determined to do something, anything "affordable" to save my teeth.

I searched far and wide for natural remedies. I found a "teacher" who taught me about this world and the other world. I'm interested in both because we have to live in this world with savvy and hope to go somewhere better. Back to my teeth. The teacher gave me a "recipe" used by the "old timers" in England, who found it in India. I was excited about a natural cure to save my teeth.

I made sure to get the best and purest ingredients such as sea salt, chalk, mustard seed powder and natural oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, etc. and made it. When I first used Uncle Harry's I felt like Christmas bells were ringing in my mouth. The next time I saw the dentist, he said: "Hey, I don't know what you're doing but keep on doing it!"

I'm happy to say my teeth and gums are fine now. I'm sure Uncle Harry's Tooth Powder can help you too.

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