Plant Profile: Hawthorn

Plant Profile: Hawthorn

4Our Plant Profiles series will feature fun facts and information about the many plants scattered across Uncle Harry's Urban Farm. Each week we'll introduce a new plant, describe its benefits, and tell you what Uncle Harry's product it can be found in. This week, our plant profile highlights Hawthorn.

Quick Facts

Hawthorn is a very beneficial plant, with all parts of it being medicinal (leaves, flowers, fruits). For example, the berries effectively improve heart health. The fruit serves as a vasodilator, meaning that the intake of the berry increases the size of the veins therefore lowering the pressure of the blood passing through those veins. Continued use leads to a strengthened heartbeat and heart muscles.

Hawthorn berries


Uncle Harry makes a hawthorn berry tea with rosehips, hibiscus, and cinnamon!

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