Fan Feature: The Soap Dispensary

Fan Feature: The Soap Dispensary

Welcome back to our next installment of Fan Features, where we'd like to highlight great individuals and businesses that embraced Uncle Harry's product into their own lives. We hope you check back every week and continue to meet some of our awesome fans! Follow/like us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest updates.

This week we'd like to introduce you to Linh, small business owner of The Soap Dispensary, and her featured product: Toothpaste.

Tell us a little about your business.
The Soap Dispensary is the first dedicated refill shop in Vancouver, Canada. We strive to help our customers and community reduce single-use plastic packaging waste by offering our products in bulk. We refill over 300 products ranging from soaps, personal hygiene products to DIY and edible ingredients. To date, we have diverted over 90,000 plastic containers from landfill and energy heavy recycling streams.

How did you hear about Uncle Harry's?
Stewart, my partner, is from Portland, OR and on our many trips along the Pacific Northwest, we would find Uncle Harry's products in our favourite stores.

How long have you used Uncle Harry's and which are your favorite products?
We started using the tooth powder and the liquid African Black Soap. Both were great but my absolute favourite thing is your toothpaste. So effective! Many of my customers and I find it helps to reduce mild sensitivities and our teeth just feel so clean and refreshed. Peppermint is my favourite. Love the burst of germ busting flavours. You do not hold back on the essential oils!

Why is the toothpaste your favorite?
Apart from it being the best toothpaste I have ever found, it is also refillable in my shop. Customers love that they can reuse your nice glass jars over and over!

Where can our readers learn more about your business?
Come visit us in Vancouver, Canada! And if that is not possible, visit our website:

Is your favorite product our Toothpaste too?! Take a picture, share it online, and don't forget to tag us!

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